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the Diner 樂子 (DunHo)new
Today I am going to introduce you one very good restaurant for breakfast since all my past recommendations are for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is called "the Diner". It's very popular and famous in Taipei, Taiwan.
Bellini Pasta Pasta
Do you sometimes feel that you want to eat something that tastes with RICH flavors? I do! For me, rich flavors means western food with much sauce and cheese like hamburgers and pizzas. My friends and I are so excited that the end of the semester has come. We already plan to go out for fun and eat tasty food. Today I am going to show you what we ate for celebrating.
天罈 - Chinese Style Cuisine Restaurant
天罈, pronounced "Ti en Tan", is a very famous Chinese cuisine restaurant in Taiwan. The restaurant's main idea is to offer healthy but also delicious food to the modern society, because people are busy in life and have no time to exercise nowadays. So the owner of this restaurant wants to keep publics' health by making light, delicious cuisine. Let's check the menu!
Bonjour Paul!
PAUL, founded in 1889, now has a network of 360 top quality bakeries and pastry-makers throughout France, offering a selection of country-style and fancy bread, viennoiserie (croissants, etc.) pastries, cakes and desserts, snacks and sandwiches (made to order) to more than 5 million customers every month.
Steamed Dumplings
Whenever the name DinTaiFung is mentioned, the first thing that people think of is small, delicate steamed dumplings. It’s only natural to associate the two, after all. But where did the famous DinTaiFung name come from?What were its origins? This is the story of how the DinTaiFung legend came to be.
Become an American:Evans Burger
Established since 2003 at Taichung, Taiwan. Evans Burger is a self branded American style restaurant. With the renowned homemade beef burger, they have recreated what American food is all about. The founder has nine plus years of experience with western cuisine, and deeply understood that not only the food has to be authentic, it also has to suit the taste buds of the locals. Relocated to Taipei from Jun 2007, and Dec 2008 they continue to provide their utmost services to you.
Add some spice for your life - Here I come, Thailand!
Do you sometimes feel that life is so boring and you just want to get out of this kind of condition? We weren't born in a rich family, so we can't just quit our jobs an escape to a mountain village. But we still have some ways to make us feel better. That is to EAT haha! Today I introduce you one famous Thai food restaurant in Taipei. The food definitely will brings you a colorful life.
Visit Mr. Onion
The restaurant that makes us Taiwaneses mouth watering is called "Mr. Onion." It is built by 4 brothers from a family. It is so famous all over Taiwan. Mr. Onion is famous for combining many styles into the restaurant. It has 4 branches in Taipei city, and each branch has its own style. Mr. Onion combines American country, Dutch, and europe countries style together into one special style. That's the reason for becoming famous - has its own restaurant style!
Spicy For You!!!
We all know that most restaurants' delicious cuisines cost us much. But NOW you don't have to spend that much money on Korean hot, spicy food.
Recently I find out there is a nice Korean restaurant near the famous night market, ShiDa night market. It is sited on a street. The restaurant is called "Little Restaurant".(I translate it into English according to its meaning in chinese.) Sounds cute, huh?
CUP TORRE Eating ice cream or pizza
Speaking of pizza, the general public’s impression for pizza is a flat, round and sliced giant dough crust topped with people’s favourite combination of cheese and toppings. But have you ever seen a pizza cone before? It is pizza dough shaped into an ice cream cone, and filled with your choices of cheese, toppings and sauces. It is not only easily to carry around, but it tastes just as amazing as a slice of pizza, and probably even better!
So Free Pizza & Cheese So Free Pizza & Cheese
 Speaking of delicious cuisine, we can’t help but to think of French cuisine or Chinese cuisine. It seems that these two world-famous style and taste of them are the best. But you can’t deny that there still are many tasty cuisines all over the world! As a citizen living in Taipei, Taiwan, I want to introduce Taiwanese cuisines to you.
21 Century Restaurant 21 Century Restaurant
 Taiwan is really full of delicious food. No matter from high class restaurants to normal stores, there are always many tasty cuisines that make you can't help to get one bite!
台湾家庭料理の店「黒狗兄」 台湾家庭料理の店「黒狗兄」
The special stove to bake pizzas.
Korean Kimchi Smoked Cheese. Make your mouth watering! Mushroom Asparagus. 100% Healthy! Ginger Superman: ginger with cheese cubes and corns.


中影文化城 台北/中影文化城を訪ねる(2002年9月取材)
国立故宮博物院 台北/国立故宮博物院を訪ねる(2002年9月取材)




the Diner 樂子 (DunHo)
Bellini Pasta Pasta
天罈 - Chinese Style Cuisine Restaurant
Bonjour Paul!
Steamed Dumplings
Become an American:Evans Burger
Add some spice for your life!
Visit Mr. Onion
Spicy For You!!!
eating ice cream or pizza?
So Free Pizza & Cheese
21 Century Restaurant


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